Patient Testimonials

Check out some of the wonderful things our patients say about their experiences with us!

“I absolutely love walking into Life Springs and believe miracles do indeed happen inside. It’s such a calming atmosphere to come into and I know that I will leave without any of the pains I walk in with. Healing happens on about 10 different levels and it’s amazing to experience it…to become aware of your body healing itself subconsciously, with the added expertise of Dr. Josh’s realignment of every bone. I experience a systematic healing of my body every time. My once constant migraines have reduced drastically and I feel “good” much more than I feel the opposite. This has completely been reversed for me and I have extreme gratitude!”

– Jen S

“I was Dr. Beaudry’s first client in Colorado, what a gifted doctor. I wish his office was closer to our home. In 22 years I have yet to meet another chiropractor with his heart, passion, education and talent.
Not getting the results your looking for? See Dr. Beaudry he’s worth the drive.”

– Jodi R

“Dr. Josh is the best! He is my body whisperer, never fails to make the right adjustment for me. A rare gem in today’s medicine , as I can always count on Dr. Josh to spend the time necessary at each appointment. He listens and then corrects all that needs to be done to get me back on track and feeling great!”                                                                                    

– beth k, 10/11/18


“The fact that my other specialists are astonished by the progress we have made. Reversing chronic disease, yes!”

– David M, 9/30/18


“The best dude. He is serious about his work. I walk out a new person.”

– Richard E, 9/25/18


“I’m not sure what my life would look like had I not found Dr. Josh. I suppose my doctor would have prescribed lots of pills trying to find out what she could not diagnose for several years. I play golf as much as I want and can even dance all night (if asked). My quality of life is amazing because of my weekly visits to Dr. Josh.”

– Juanita C, 9/14/18


“Dr Josh is the best chiropractor I’ve ever met. I’m so excited to get my life back. Along with my whole family. PTSD free is in our future. I drive an hour to this office and it’s worth it.”

– Sharon G, 9/13/18


“Dr Josh has gone above and beyond to help my little boy. I appreciate it so much. My little guys loves going see him to get his adjustments.”

– Nick and Corinna D, 9/12/18


“Dr. josh has been adjusting me for over 8 years now. He does great work and his staff is very informative. I always leave the office feeling energized and balanced.”

– Ben R, 9/11/18


“Grateful for this growth process of learning about body and mind. My spine is the straightest, best it’s ever been. My strength in my arms, back, shoulders, legs has increased. My soreness/aching from the car accident in lower neck and upper shoulder has decreased by 70-80%, the pain from the accident that carried into my right knee is decreasing, just so much…
Apart from the physical wellness, I’m surprised at so many non-physical differences so far from doing Neurofeedback and Braintap along with the adjustments. My stress level has declined quite a bit and am able to think much more thoroughly, my memory has sharpened, my thought process is so much better with problem solving, my patience level has increased, emotional responses to stress is so much better, just so much changes. Also, the ambiance (soothing) and staff is wonderful. Highly recommend
#ThankfulForDr. Beaudry”

– Nathalie B, 8/26/18


“Dr. Beaudry and his staff are knowledgeable and always eager to improve their patient’s health. When I began treatment I needed a walker or a cane. Often now I can walk without either of them. There is constant improvement . I highly recommend Dr. Beaudry, no matter what your health challenges are.”

– Jill B, 8/24/18