Tuesday Talks

In the talk on Innate Intelligence, Dr. Beaudry teaches about the difference between innate intelligence of the body in contrast to the educated mind, those things we learn and the behavioral and health patterns that we adopt.

In this Tuesday evening talk by Dr. Josh Beaudry, you will learn how to sit correctly to improve nerve function and promote health.

Low back pain is a common complaint, especially as people age. You may think that low back pain originates in your back – but the truth is, it all starts with the cervical health. In this Tuesday Evening Talk, Dr. Beaudry teaches how to prevent or heal lower back pain.

Ever heard of sympathetic tone? That is something most people can’t explain. In this Tuesday Evening Talk, Dr. Beaudry presents the source of sympathetic tone and the effect on your health and healing rate.

In this Tuesday talk, Dr. Beaudry explains the source and solutions for headache pain. In this talk, Dr. Beaudry teaches us how to eliminate the cause rather than mask the symptom.

Dr. Beaudry defines Peak Potential as the body working in optimal harmony. We have multiple systems in the body, but only one Master System, which is the nervous system. The nervous system is the first system to form and it informs and directs all other systems and cells in the body. Learn how chiropractic care can reboot and refresh the nervous system and the channel of communication throughout the body.

What do safety pins have to do with health? It is a perfect metaphor for the communication loop in the body. Dr. Beaudry uses a safety pin as a means to explain the beauty of this process in the body. When our innate intelligence communicates with the body and the body communicates back, it is through the nervous system. If that is a continuous loop it is like a close safety pin, with everything connected and held together. When it is open, there is a break down in the flow of information. What are the sources of the communication break down? They are the same as the classic 3 sources of subluxation: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins.

There are two systems of care: Health Care, and Disease Care. One works at producing optimal health and focuses on prevention, the other on symptom management. Dr. Beaudry explains the trigger that drives us to look to one or both of these systems of care. On average, most people operate at 60% of their full potential, teetering precariously between feeling symptom free or feeling sick. In the end…promoting health is cheaper and Dr. Beaudry explains how we achieve true health – at a higher functioning level than most people consider possible.

In this Tuesday Talk, Dr. Beaudry explains the conceptual difference between adjustments and manipulation. Simply stated, manipulation involves control and physically altering the body – moving it to its maximum range to “pull” it back into alignment. Adjustments involve stimulation of the brain to produce a neurological signal to allow the body to self-adjust, as it should.

This week’s talk by Dr. Beaudry is about joint repair and biomechanics, but he goes beyond that to talk about the impact spinal movement has on our lives. Your ability to feel happiness is directly tied to your spinal movement. Spinal movement is the key to proper functioning of all your nervous system, and therefore it affects your joint and all other organs, glands, and systems in the body.

Dr. Beaudry is often asked how Chiropractic care enhances health (not just the elimination of back or joint pain). In this talk Dr. Beaudry explains the global effects chiropractic has on your body, including your glands, organs, muscles, attitudes and perceptions!

Alignment is about bringing the body back to perfection. Perfection equates to optimal neurological communication throughout the body, which improves health. Manipulation, on the other hand, is about human control. Dr. Beaudry teaches us how to know the difference between the two, and how adjustments enhance the body’s innate ability to heal.

Dr. Beaudry gives an enlightening presentation on the cause of disease. Most of us have been told the risk factors that lead to disease are age, genetics, gender, heredity, and race. Dr. Beaudry dispels these myths and discusses the true source of “dis-ease” that reduces our state of health, ultimately leading to chronic diseases. And, how to prevent disease!

How do we get sick? How long does it take to get healthy? And, what is sickness? Dr. Beaudry answers these questions and more in his talk about the benefits of Chiropractic care and why it provides a pathway to health.

What is an autoimmune disorder? Dr. Beaudry explains the biological systems behind the disorder. “It is a body in exhaustion.” In this video Dr. Beaudry describes the process by which the body develops autoimmune disorder that leads to diseases like fibromyalgia, multiple-sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), and others. And, how to help the body heal these diseases as you correct the breakdown in communication between the nervous system and the immune system.

The brain possess the ability to create health or disease. Health is the result of a properly balanced set of brain frequencies; disease is the result of an unhealthy brain. The brain requires three things to be healthy – oxygen, glucose, and stimulation. In this video, Dr. Beaudry explains why too much or too little stimulation leads to imbalances in brain frequency and feedback. Disease is a result of the brain incorrectly processing the stimulation it receives and sending incorrect signals back to the body. However, neurologically based chiropractic care and new brain balancing technology can “reset” the brain to a healthy balance, leading to improved health.

In this engaging talk, Dr. Beaudry introduces us to the three categories of patients, their state of mind, and what they are seeking from Chiropractic care. And, more importantly, Dr. Beaudry introduces his patients to the three different philosophies that inform the various approaches to Chiropractic care. Ultimately, the goal of a chiropractor is to break the neurologic loop that creates the over stimulation or under stimulation of the various systems in the body, and, subsequently, associated subluxations. Dr. Beaudry explains how he breaks the loop so the body reprograms for optimal function.

In this talk, Dr. Beaudry discusses common problems related to the shoulders and knees, including frozen shoulder and rotator cuff issues. Through the application of appropriate chiropractic adjustments, these issues can be addressed and resolved.

We have all heard the term “cold and flu season” – but is there really such a thing? There are seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter – but when did we get a flu season? The reality is we are continually in contact with viruses and bacteria. The reason that we sometimes “catch a cold or the flu” is because our immune system is not able at that time to eradicate the invader. So, you might ask, why do higher percentages of a given population experience cold and flu symptoms during particular times of the year? Watch this interesting video as Dr. Beaudry answers these questions and provides education on how to eradicate cold and flu symptoms.

Here is a quick demonstration on how excess levels of Beta brain wave activity produces disease, and conversely, how triggering Alpha brain wave activity quickly resolves the source of disease. It all happens in the brain, and is visible in the body. Dr. Beaudry uses the Neuro Infinity device on his client, Kelsey Wickhorst, to demonstrate the impact of a preponderance of Beta brain waves. In this video, after just 12 minutes of a brain training exercise to push her brain activity into the Beta range, Kelsey begins experiencing a series of physical pain ranging from a headache to back and shoulder pain. Next, Dr. Beaudry switches the feedback system to train her brain to produce Alpha waves. Within 4 minutes all of her symptoms disappear, and she reports being totally pain free – and feeling better than when she began the demonstration.

More to come!