Dr. Josh

While some people know from an early age what they plan to be when they grow up, others encounter events that set them down the path they are meant to follow. Dr. Josh was only seventeen years old when he and his brother were in car that was rear-ended by another vehicle travelling 40 mph. He sustained a severe shoulder injury that shut down the joint’s flexibility; his brother was left with debilitating migraines, for which he was told the only course of action would be antidepressants and muscle relaxers for the rest of his life. The Beaudry family sought myriad treatment options – physical therapy, medications, massage, acupuncture, etc – but it was only when the boys began seeing a chiropractor that things started to look up.

With the first adjustment, Dr. Josh’s pain was reduced by 50%, and that of his brother’s headaches were down by 25%. Though the trip to the chiropractor took a total of 4 hours, it was well worth it, as the Beaudry boys got their lives back after a few months of care.

Fate struck several years later in the form of another car accident. But this time Dr. Josh already knew the relief he would get from chiropractic and sought treatment that very day. As a result of promptly seeking chiropractic care, he was back on his feet in just 2 weeks time.

Fast forward to after completing his B.S. in Exercise & Health Physiology at University of Calgary: Dr. Josh was a pre-med student on the cusp of beginning his journey to become a medical doctor. One day, through divine intervention, he became consumed by the question, “Why should we be trying to mask symptoms with drugs, when the power to heal ourselves lies within us?”.

It was this question that inspired a shift in his post-graduate journey, as no one was able to answer it for him — except for his chiropractor. So from there, he decided to pursue his four-year degree at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia – from which he graduated Cum Laude – and became a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Since then, Dr. Josh has acquired training in Torque Release Technique (TRT), and is constantly learning from his mentor about how to treat patients with the latest and greatest chiropractic methods available.

  •    B.S. in Exercise & Health Physiology – University of Calgary, Alberta
  •    Doctor of Chiropractic, Cum Laude – Life University, Georgia
  •    License to Practice Chiropractic – Colorado, Michigan
  •    Expert Opinion Series Speaker – Michigan Syndication
  •    Rising Star Nominee – Colorado Chiropractic Association

  •     International Chiropractic Association
  •     Colorado Chiropractic Association
  •     Michigan Association of Chiropractic
  •     Georgia Chiropractic Counsel
  •     Life University Alumni Association
  •     Activator, Gonstead, and Thompson Chiropractic Clubs
  •     Chiropractic Mission Work – Dominican Republic