Common Cold

Peer Reviewed Journals:

Manipulative therapy of upper respiratory tract infections in children. Purse FM. J Am Osteopathic Assoc. 1966; 65(9): 964-72.

  • In a case study of over 4,600 incidents of upper respiratory tract infections, only 5% of cases treated with spinal manipulative therapy developed secondary complications. As shown in this study, the results are superior to those obtained by antimicrobial therapy or symptomatic therapy alone. It would seem unnecessary to use any therapy other than manipulative therapy. Prescribing anti microbial agents because of uncertainty of diagnosis or because of pressure from the family is no substitute for application of good principles of medicine.

The atlas fixation syndrome in the baby and infant. Gutmann G. Manuelle Medizin 1987 25:5-10, Trans. Peters RE

The common cold, pattern sensitivity and contrast sensitivity. Smith AP, ET al. Psycho-logical Medicine, 1992; 22:487-494.

  • This evidence indicates a possible link between vertebral subluxation complex, susceptibility to the common cold and vision sensitivity.

Other Publications:

Upper respiratory infections in children. Fysh, P.N., International Review of Chiropractic,Jul/Aug 1990.

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