Brain Tap

TRT – The Next Generation of Chiropractic, is completely neurological based and is low forced, and also leads to dramatic changes in less time.

Geriatrics – Motion is life and with chiropractic care we expand the freedom for all of our elderly to be active and safe in their every day living.

Lite Force – Dr. Beaudry is skilled in multiple Life Force techniques, which includes muscle activated adjustments, Thompson, Activator, TRT, Logan Basic, and will serve your Chiropractic needs and concerns.

Pregnancy – Being trained in Websters technique, has Dr. Beaudry successfully helped numerous expecting mother’s turn their breech babies, leading to non-surgical births. Chiropractic care has also contributed to shorter labor times with less intervention, improved recovery from labor and delivery, and healthy pregnancies leading to healthy babies.

Pediatrics – Being skilled in Webster’s Technique Dr. Beaudry has care for prenatal and postnatal child care. Seeing miraculous results and increasing infant development through lite force specific scientific care, some examples Dr. Beaudry has treated colic, and torticollis, constipation and sleep disorders.

Auriculotherapy – This is a new leading therapy in the fields of addiction and behavior deficiencies, such as eating disorders, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, gambling, ADD, Tourette’s and Autism.