Brain Driving

In our office we offer both Standard Neurofeedback combined with Brain driving at the same time or each individually. Brain driving is a stronger form of Neurofeedback.  The protocols for brain driving can be exceedingly complex. Brain driving is classical conditioning where we present light, sound, electrical stimulation and vibration in a wide variety of combinations all of which are contingent on specific EEG events. For example, if brain amplitude goes above or below a specified threshold, an unconditioned stimulus is applied to drive it in the other direction. Harmonics and AV lights help push the brain’s functioning toward the ideal state, and the neurofeedback process rewards that state.

Standard Neurofeedback is operant /instrumental conditioning. The differences is that with brain driving you don’t have to be cognitively aware. We can train people who are not able to distinguish what is going on, in babies, those with autism, downs syndrome, or even those that are unconscious. As you can imagine, the potential benefits from this modality can be exponential.