Chiropractic Success Story in Denver

Andrea Meyers

Delighted to report a significant happiness and health status.DSC_0340_ppp

Special thanks to Dr. Josh Beaudry; Life Springs Family Chiropractic.

Prior to Chiropractic:

Depression and Anxiety (no more antidepressant medication)

Spondylitis requiring back surgery (L5)-Moving stage equipment

Bunionectomy- two foot surgeries

Scaphoid Nonunion Wrist Surgery

Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Whiplash- Two car accidents

Knee Hyperextension-falling off an 18” podium

Female surgery

Hip pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist and hand pain, arm, shoulder, ankle, jaw pain, and the usual headaches, insomnia, etc., etc., etc.

It hurt to sit, stand, walk and live.

Poor concentration, decision making and life issues terribly challenging.

Personal Advantages: 

After 5-6 months, I feel re-energized and happy.  I am living a quality life with renewed energy.  I don’t linger in bed anymore and feel sad. I am moving, working, and feeling a million times better than ever.  I have been able to support better health standards; watching my diet and have lost almost 15lbs.

No more junk food and sabotaging food consumption.

All my body parts are working harmoniously and even internally, my stomach/intestines are working better.

Most importantly, my brain and body are working together.  My confidence level is at an all-time high!  I feel better than I did in my twenties and that was 40 years ago.


Surprising Specifics:

My Jaw opens and closes evenly.

My hearing is specific and accurate.  Listening and deciphering pitch is fundamental as a musician. It ‘hurts’ in wonderfully fine way if the sound isn’t accurate. I thought I had lost the skill forever.

My friends and family are noticing, but most importantly- I am proud.

Dr. Josh is supportive, encouraging, and highly professional and treats kindness and genuine personal care.

My friends and family are noticing, but most importantly- I am standing tall (5’2”), with a happy attitude and confidence toward personal physical and future goals.  I am delighted at my results and have been singing the praises of my “new life” each and every day.  A wonderful life advantage and jump start to great days and hardly any bad days anymore.

I always feel happily welcomed at Life Springs Family Chiropractic, and I am proud to be a Dr. Josh Beaudry patient.