What is Neurological Based Chiropractic?

Research done many years ago demonstrated the positive effectiveness of Chiropractic care to
improve Autonomic Nervous System function. While this was great news, unfortunately the health
challenges kept returning.

The reason, we now know, is that we did not address the cortical patterns that were creating the autonomic responses. Today we can now address this missing link in Chiropractic Care and why patients who stay under care get better results.

When you add tested forms of bio and neurofeedback applications to Chiropractic care, it was discovered that these health challenges were reduced. It proved to be the best approach in how to change your brain to adapt to more appropriate responses to stressors and recovery. Your brain is a muscle and just like going to the gym it requires exercise and repetition to stay healthy. This information has established the value of “on-going” chiropractic care. Don’t just treat your symptoms – start correcting the cause of those symptoms.