Biofeedback is a self-regulation technique that teaches patients how to control their stress response to improve overall stress management. This technique allows the patient to gain a greater awareness of bodily functions and modify physical stress responses through training that provides real-time rewards.

A neurological stress response, would normally include brain activity at a high frequency, hand temperatures would drop below the ideal of 95°F (34.4°C), respiration rate would increase above the norm of 12 to 15 breaths per minute; muscle activity would tighten (especially in the neck and head region); heart rate would increase above the normal 60 beats per minute; and other even more damaging responses, such as the release of adrenalin (that terrible shaking weak knee feeling) and cortisol.

All of these responses are normal during the life threatening event, even though they are very
demanding on the body. The real problem starts with the duration of the threat response
beyond the immediate need. If this highly aroused state remains in effect and the body does
not return to a normal relaxed state in a short period of time, it creates severe damage to the
normal function of the body’s systems. Dr. Josh helps patients to control their stress response.