Does Chiropractic Work?

YES. One example, from Dr. Beaudry’s early career involves a 17-day-old baby who came in to the office while his practice was in Michigan.

The young patient was suffering from cyanosis, commonly referred to as blue baby. The infant’s mother had already taken him to see three medical doctors, including an orthopedic pediatrician and a neurologist. But was given no relief and a general diagnosis of esophageal reflux.

When the young family came in for their appointment, the flustered mother handed Dr. Beaudry her son and said, in exhausted desperation, “fix him.” About an hour and a half later, after a few specific chiropractic adjustments, the baby changed from a scary blue color to a vibrant and healthy pink, and instantly began suckling from his mother. Of course, the family was elated with the results!

In the end, the infant’s health woes were not a result of esophageal reflux. Rather, the baby was experiencing pressure on his brainstem – specifically to the area that controls lungs and heart function.

The brainstem pressure was due to the top bone of his neck being out of proper position, a misalignment that occurred during the birthing process. It is important to note that the baby’s birth was not classified as traumatic. Yet, during birth, the baby’s neck was rotated just enough to cause the first bone in the neck, called the atlas, to move slightly. The slight shift resulted in pressure to the brain stem, which interfered with the infant’s heart and lung function and led to the blue baby syndrome.

Using gentle pressure, Dr. Beaudry was able to correct the interference, and the baby was able to regain control of the heart and lungs, passing oxygen to the body which allowed him to heal.

This patient’s story is just one of hundreds of life-changing healing experiences Dr. Beaudry has been part of through his chiropractic work.

Stop in for a visit to hear more of Dr. Beaudry’s miraculous healing experiences, and discuss discomforts you may be having to determine whether or not you could benefit from a chiropractic regimen. The infant and so many others certainly have, and you can too!