Chiropractic Success Story in Denver

Andrea Meyers

Delighted to report a significant happiness and health status.DSC_0340_ppp

Special thanks to Dr. Josh Beaudry; Life Springs Family Chiropractic.

Prior to Chiropractic:

Depression and Anxiety (no more antidepressant medication)

Spondylitis requiring back surgery (L5)-Moving stage equipment

Bunionectomy- two foot surgeries

Scaphoid Nonunion Wrist Surgery

Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

Whiplash- Two car accidents

Knee Hyperextension-falling off an 18” podium

Female surgery

Hip pain, back pain, neck pain, wrist and hand pain, arm, shoulder, ankle, jaw pain, and the usual headaches, insomnia, etc., etc., etc.

It hurt to sit, stand, walk and live.

Poor concentration, decision making and life issues terribly challenging.

Personal Advantages: 

After 5-6 months, I feel re-energized and happy.  I am living a quality life with renewed energy.  I don’t linger in bed anymore and feel sad. I am moving, working, and feeling a million times better than ever.  I have been able to support better health standards; watching my diet and have lost almost 15lbs.

No more junk food and sabotaging food consumption.

All my body parts are working harmoniously and even internally, my stomach/intestines are working better.

Most importantly, my brain and body are working together.  My confidence level is at an all-time high!  I feel better than I did in my twenties and that was 40 years ago.


Surprising Specifics:

My Jaw opens and closes evenly.

My hearing is specific and accurate.  Listening and deciphering pitch is fundamental as a musician. It ‘hurts’ in wonderfully fine way if the sound isn’t accurate. I thought I had lost the skill forever.

My friends and family are noticing, but most importantly- I am proud.

Dr. Josh is supportive, encouraging, and highly professional and treats kindness and genuine personal care.

My friends and family are noticing, but most importantly- I am standing tall (5’2”), with a happy attitude and confidence toward personal physical and future goals.  I am delighted at my results and have been singing the praises of my “new life” each and every day.  A wonderful life advantage and jump start to great days and hardly any bad days anymore.

I always feel happily welcomed at Life Springs Family Chiropractic, and I am proud to be a Dr. Josh Beaudry patient.

Centennial Colorado Chiropractor Baby Success Story

Here is another amazing Chiropractic Success story about Dr Beaudry relating to a 17 day old baby.

Does Chiropractic Work?

YES. One example, from my early career involves a 17-day-old baby who came in to my office while I was working in Michigan.

The young patient was suffering from cyanosis (commonly referred to as blue baby). The child’s mother had already been to see three medical doctors, including an orthopedic pediatrician, and a neurologist but was given no relief, only the general diagnosis of esophageal reflux. When the young family came in the flustered mother handed me her son and said in exhausted desperation “fix him.” About an hour and a half later, after a few specific chiropractic adjustments, the baby changed from a scary blue color to a vibrant and healthy pink and instantly began suckled from his mother. The family was elated.

In the end the issue was not esophageal reflux, the baby was experiencing pressure on his brainstem – specifically to the area that controls lungs and heart function due to the top bone in his neck being out of proper position.

This pressure was caused by the birthing process (please note that this baby’s birth was not classified as a traumatic birth). During birth, the baby’s neck was rotated enough to cause the first bone in the neck (called the atlas) to move slightly, in turn applying pressure to the brain stem. After this interference was corrected using gentle pressure, the baby was able to regain control of the heart and lungs and pass oxygen to the body allowing the baby to heal.

This is just one of hundreds of life changing healing experiences I have been able to be a part of as a part of my job. I would be happy to share more with you or to discuss any discomforts you may be having to see if you could benefit from a chiropractic regimen. Contact Like Springs Family Chiropractic today at (303) 770-0605

Neck Pain Relief For South Denver Metro Area

If you are in the Denver South Metro Area and suffer from Neck Pain, you need to read this. Neck pain is one of the biggest reasons why millions of people see chiropractors every day. But, it’s also one of the reasons why many are still so afraid to see a chiropractor. Having someone handle and manipulate your neck can be a scary thing. But it’s important to remember that chiropractors are professionals who not only have a lot of training behind them, but also lots of experience too. They know what they are doing, and are extremely effective at treating things like neck pain. But, if you’re still hesitant, or just thinking about seeing a chiropractor and are interested in what they’ll do, here’s how chiropractors treat neck pain.

The treatment that a chiropractor will use for neck pain is called cervical manipulation. This treatment usually needs to be performed when spinal vertebrae in the neck have moved out of position, or are pushing on another vertebrae or a nerve. During the treatment a chiropractor will use a hands-on approach to gently twist the neck and push the affected vertebrae back into their proper spinal position. Cervical manipulation can also be very effective at treating muscles that commonly spasm.

In addition to any cervical manipulation technique that’s necessary, chiropractors will also often teach their patients neck exercises that can both help the current injury as well as ward off any future injuries. At Life Springs Family Chiropractic, we help patients in Centennial, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Parker and the surrounding areas.

It’s important to note that a chiropractor will not prescribe you any pain medication or neck pain, or even recommend that you use them. Chiropractors are doctors of natural and alternative medicine and so, they don’t use prescription pain medication. What they will be able to do is give you tips such as how to use proper posture, and what to avoid in order to also avoid future neck pain.

Chiropractic Stress Relief in Denver

It’s Monday again. Does your body feel stressed out? Have you ever had to restart your PC after the hard drive froze? You hit ‘Control+Alt+Delete’ to reboot the operating system and get everything running smoothly again. Your human computer (Nerve System) needs a periodic rebooting too.

Your Nerve System gets overwhelmed from daily stress. An urgent work deadline, unexpected family crisis or any inconvenient change in your routine are unsolicited stresses (spyware or a virus) that bog down your nerves. The result – your body slows down, runs sluggish and eventually “freezes up” with an illness. Getting a Chiropractic adjustment is like hitting the Control+Alt+Delete buttons. It clears your Nerve System of unwanted stress and gets you running fast again.

The stress our grandparents experienced in a week, today we get in just 24 hours! If you’re not purging the tension from your Nerve System on a regular basis, your hard drive could crash. Get ‘rebooted’ routinely with the Best Chiropractic Stress Relief in Denver Colorado and stay ahead of the game.

Time to Get in Gear with Chiropractic in Centennial CO

It’s Time to Get in Gear with Effective Chiropractic Care in Centennial CO.

When you turn your neck or twist your back does your spine snap, grind and ratchet like a bicycle chain stuck in mid gear? That grating noise could mean something’s out of alignment.
Your spine is made up of movable bones called vertebrae, each joined perfectly together like the links of a bicycle chain. If one or more of these joints become stuck and misaligned it can slowly wreak havoc on the mechanical integrity of your entire spine. The result – pain, stiffness and premature arthritic changes.

Don’t neglect the noises. Abnormal grinding (crepitus) of spinal joints may indicate early degenerative joint disease. Remember, unlike a bicycle chain, you can’t replace spinal ‘links’ when they get damaged. Get your spine tuned up by a Chiropractor who is thoroughly trained in restoring the normal mechanics of your spine, and protect yourself from premature wear and tear.

Contact us today and Get in Gear with Chiropractic in Centennial CO.

Professional Chiropractor Care in Centennial CO

American TV personality and psychologist Dr. Phil doesn’t hold punches when it comes to advising his guests on living a more balanced, principled life. So it should come as no surprise how he feels about Chiropractic.

On a recent show with personal Chiropractor and author Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Dr. Phil touts the benefits he’s experienced from regular care. “I’ve been seeing a Chiropractor a couple times a week for the past 10 years…” And you can bet it wasn’t for a bad back. Dr. Phil knows Chiropractic care goes beyond helping aches and pains. It transforms your entire health and LIFE for the better – exactly what his show is all about.

If you’re frustrated with your current level of health, maybe it’s time to get real with a new paradigm shift. As Dr. Fab says, “we are all born with a natural ability to heal.” Chiropractic care simply brings it out. And if it’s good for Dr. Phil, it could be good for you too!

Be sure and stop by Life Springs Family Chiropractic to receive Professional Chiropractor Care in Centennial CO. Call us at 303 770 0605.

Best Chiropractor Tips in Centennial, Co

Question: Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks?
Answer: They both weigh the same… HA!
There’s an old saying that goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” From both ‘quality of LIFE’ and financial standpoints: nothing could be more true: especially when it comes to using Chiropractic care.
A 2005 study published in JMPT found “for low back and neck pain, the inclusion of chiropractic benefits resulted in a reduction in the rates of surgery, advanced imaging, inpatient care, and x-rays.” In real terms, that means less unnecessary testing, less hospitalization, and fewer operations when chiropractic care is made available. In the ‘pound for pound’ comparison, the stones (scales) clearly tip in favor of chiropractic.

When we keep our nerve system clear and give our body a greater chance to heal itself, we end up saving tons of time, money, aggravation, and even LIFE. Most chiropractors know it, practice members now know it, and we will continue spreading the word and teaching folks… so the rest of the world can also eventually catch on. The TRUTH will set us FREE!
Follow Best Chiropractor Tips in Centennial, Co and stay up to date on how to keep your self healthy.

Denver Chiropractic Story

Can something as simple as sharing your Denver Chiropractic Story with others make a difference?
If your story helps someone find a solution for their debilitating migraines… you just saved a Life. If your story empowers a family member to reduce their prescriptions, and lower their risk of becoming another ‘drug error’ statistic… you just saved a Life. If your story encourages a friend to stop blindly placing their health in the hands of doctors, and start placing the Doctor inside them in charge of their health… then you just saved a Life.

Do you have the power and capability to save a Life? If you know the Chiropractic story, you bet you do! The question is will you? You can’t be a Chiropractic Life saver if you don’t spread the word. So please, don’t keep your story a secret. Tell others how your Life has improved because of Chiropractic treatment at Life Springs Family Chiropractic. You could save someone’s Life when you do.